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E-Shot: Marketing by Email

The eshot mailing list is currently over 8K.  Our current statistics are as follows: views are currently around 15-20%, and clicks averaging 1%. We cannot track conversions to ticket sales, though you may be able to set up a special bookings link to your website so you can track how many book via the link given on the eshot.

You can book to send an eshot once, twice or three times – for example, one could be sent 6 weeks in advance, another 2-3 weeks in advance and then one after the reviews are out.  Due to lockdown, the cost of sending an eshot has been reduced as follows: one eshot £80; two eshots £150; three eshots: £220.

When booking, please complete the eshot content template, including uploading your image.  You can add 1-2 additional images for an extra £5 each.

Click the button on the marketing page to organise one or more eshots.

When you click on the button on the marketing page, you will be asked to complete the eshot template, and to upload an image (ideally 300px x 300px).  You will then be asked whether you wish to book additional slots for the same email.  Please email info@offwestend.com if you have any queries about the eshot template.

You will then be asked to complete the booking by making payment.  If you wish, you can choose to be sent an invoice, for which there is an additional £10 charge.  Please also note that your first eshot will not be sent until payment has been received.

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