With over 20 years of history, the Old Red Lion Theatre is one of London's most well known and best loved venues, with a reputation of developing and nurturing the most exciting new and emerging theatrical talent.


The Old Red Lion Theatre Pub has played host to some of Britain's most exciting theatrical talent since it was founded in 1979 as the Old Red Lion Theatre Club.

Then led under the Artistic Direction of Charlie Hanson (Birds of a Feather, Harry Hill and Chef) it became a place for actors, directors, designers, writers and technicians to experiment and thrive with their art.

After the Kings Cross Disaster in 1987, the theatre was threatened with closure due to the tightening of fire regulations. A saviour came in the form of new Artistic Director Ken McClymont who raised funds to keep the theatre from closing.
Ken continued here as Artistic Director until 2002 where he enjoyed a prolific 15 years as an award winning director and designer. His productions included: Diaspora Jigs, Waiting for the Angels, The Coming of The Gowf, Murder at Bridgeport, The Timekeepers and many, many more...

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