Riverside Studios aims to be London's pre-eminent space for risk, inspiration and creativity in the arts and media, in a setting which is energetic, internationalist and friendly.

Riverside Studios is a unique arts and media centre on the banks of the Thames in Hammersmith, comprising a main performance studio (Studio 2), a cinema, a TV studio and production galleries, numerous offices and a large contemporary cafe/bar and terrace.

The theatre programme presents a mix of co-productions and international visiting work, often at the cutting edge of performance, with the cinema being one of the last fully repertory programmes in the UK - one double bill is shown every night.

Studio 1 has become one of the most successful independent TV studios in London, now run by Riverside TV Studios Limited - a separate commercial company - and the centre hosts a range of exhibitions and functions, as well as being home to a range of tenant companies.

The cafe/bar and gallery space at the heart of the building, provides a welcoming place to eat and drink and view some of the regular exhibitions of art and photography.



As well as being one of the historic homes of the BBC and Triumph Films, the Studios became famous throughout the 1970's and 1980's for bringing some of the most exciting theatre and performance work to the UK from overseas.

To find out more about Riverside's remarkable past, right up to the current day, please visit our history site at The Riverside Story.


The vision for Riverside is founded on respecting its unique historical foundations whilst forging a new and dynamic centre for live performance, cinema, television and education. Our aspiration is to present theatre work that is 'epic' and international in quality, whilst continuing to support and platform new and up-and-coming companies.

In terms of the cinema we will continue with our unique repertory double bills programme, focusing on the very best of international and contemporary cinema, providing access to films that are often rarely screened.

Television will continue to be the foundation of our commercial work, and we will continue to explore the potential for relationships across all media.

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