The Union Theatre is a family-run studio theatre that specialises in debuting the work of new writers. Established just five years ago the theatre has already earned itself a glowing reputation for exciting & groundbreaking theatre. Most recently, it was described as "one of the most exciting spaces on the London Fringe" by Time Out magazine and in the Stage Newspaper it was reviewed "as a venue that drips with quality".


The Union Theatre was established during the Christmas period of 1998 by Sasha Regan (nee Leask). Once a paper warehouse dripping with water, void of any electricity or plumbing, paint or facilities the building cried out to be turned into a theatre.

With the assistance of a local business advisor Sasha Regan raised the capital by applying for and receiving business loans (from The Prince’s Youth Business Trust, HSBC and The Cross River Partnership) and by pushing her credit cards to the limit.

The Union Theatre was decorated and revamped by friends and family members over a seven-week period as a booking had already been taken. After fourteen-hour days and a lot of exploitation of people’s good will and free time, the theatre opened.

Nearly five years later the Union, is hopefully, earning a reputation for interesting and well-produced theatre productions. Right from the outset The Union wanted to give visiting companies a specific service, these include three main objectives

Support, advice and knowledge. Far too often theatre companies money is taken, the cheque is cashed and then no moral support or advice is given. Where possible either the The Union will help otherwise the company is introduced to individuals or business that will help to make their production as enjoyable and profitable as possible. The Union assists with press, marketing, design, lighting, flyers etc. Although many companies don’t need this they often will need someone to air there concerns or worries to.

The Chance. Many companies are not in a position to hire venues for a full run. The Union believes that this is by no means an indication of talent but purely an indication of financial status. One-week runs are offered to companies that have not performed previously. This has two benefits – the first is that we get to see the work and the second being that the takings for the week often enable the company to be in a far more lucrative financial position.

The opportunity for growth. The Union appreciates that not every company has a sell out for their first production. However, where possible the company is encouraged to return to the venue gain and again, each time improving their producing.

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