“Selected Recordings of Us”, a story of queer memory & intimacy, comes to the Space Theatre, 7-11 Sept

“This REALLY happened. We were here. We existed. We are worth remembering”

As the detritus of their relationship crowds the stage, two queer characters revisit pictures from their past and learn that remembering is both personal and political. This is what Undone Theatre’s Selected Recordings of Us is about—it’s a piece of new writing exploring queer memory and intimacy.

Almost two years into the pandemic, our relationship to human connection and technology has changed—this two-hander explores just that and questions the ways in which technology informs remembering and the stories we tell ourselves. Gabriele Uboldi, director and co-writer of the show, as well as the Artistic Director of Undone Theatre, explains why the themes of Selected Recordings of Us are particularly resonate with queer creatives such as himself:

“Because so much of queer history has been erased, there isn’t a lot out there that can tell us how queer people lived in the past, the way that they made sense of their own lives, and the way that they wanted to tell their own stories”. Selected Recordings of Us stages the struggle to create a history of the intimacy between two people, and explores how and whether it is possible for LGBTQ+ individuals to tell their own stories against the absence of mainstream queer narratives.

In this sense, Selected Recordings of Us is the perfect example of what Undone Theatre is all about—a company focusing on the intersection between playing with form and voicing queer narratives, creating relevant new work that challenges traditional forms of storytelling.

“Ultimately, I hope our audiences can relate to our approach to intimacy and can feel connected to our characters and our story”. Gabriele shares that there is an interactive element to the show, where characters take polaroid pictures and ask that spectators join their effort to tell a story. “It’s a queer love story that cannot find a stable form and demands that the audience interact, take sides, and be pictured alongside it”.

Parallel to the show, Undone Theatre have also organised a workshop for other queer individuals to discuss the themes of the show and explore queer memory, identity, and history. “Having worked with an almost entirely queer team, I hope that we get a lot of LGBTQ+ audiences to share this experience and to kindle a discussion on what shapes queer love can take, and what kind of stories we can tell about it”.

Selected Recordings of Us is on at the Space Theatre, 269 Westferry Road, E143RS, September 7th-11th at 7pm, with a 2:30pm matinee on the 11th. The evening performances on September 10th and 11th will also be livestreamed. Selected Recordings of Us is supported with public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

The workshop will take place at the Space on Saturday 11th at 4pm. Places are FREE but limited, to be reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Click HERE to sign up for the workshop here.

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