The Less You Know steps into the troubled mind of Hayley. A Northerner raised by a well-educated, la-di-da family. (I know, a posh Northerner. Crazy.)

Living with her bright-eyed, bushy-tailed partner Mark in a dingy Croydon flat, their life together is far from normal. Twelve months ago, she was forced into a decision that left her seeing the world differently. Say there’s a man, an old man, waiting on the corner, she might imagine say, a bus, doing a slow-mo 360 flip and crushing him underneath. The worst one for Hayley, is ‘The Baby’. A laugh, a shake, a cry; then BANG. She’s thrown the kid. Against the wall. Or maybe off a cliff. Because clearly, a wall isn’t enough for her sick mind.

But would she actually do it? Could she actually do it? That’s Hayley’s question. My question, is why? Hayley does love her bin-man boyfriend, but not everyone is as lovable as they first seem.

Cast & Creatives

Hannah Heaton - Writer and Director

Christina Rose - Hayley

Toby Redpath - Mark