New LGBTQ+ Theatre Company launches with a focus on “global perspectives”

Phillippe Cato and Wayne Glover-Stuart launch Telluric. — a theatre production company with the vision to create a theatre sector where all LGBTQIA+ stories are told regardless of gender, race, disability, or socio-economic background.

Phillippe & Wayne, artistic directors of Telluric – a new LGBTQ+ production company with a focus on “global perspectives”.

The company was founded to support people and productions at various stages of development, especially where other opportunities for this are limited. Through developing and producing theatre that tells representative LGBTQIA+ stories and narratives from global perspectives,
Telluric. will begin to close the gap for people and stories that are excluded from the theatre industry.

Phillippe and Wayne said:

“For a long time we both have seen theatre that was not representative of the LGBTQIA+ community and our stories. The majority of stories on stage included gym-fit white topless men and whilst they have their place, they often overshadow stories from wider global perspectives about, and for people, with different lived experiences. Our mission is to combat this overshadowing and active exclusion of ‘other’ LGBTQIA+ stories.”

We want to connect, support and work with people who have stories to tell that align with our mission. Ultimately, it’s about creating experiences that inform and enrich the lives of people through engaging with wider perspectives of LGBTQIA+ life and culture across the world.

You can find out more about Telluric. by heading to and following Telluric. on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TelluricTheatre.