OffWestEnd Theatres Post Lockdown

Theatre – including OffWestEnd theatre – is in crisis. Audiences are nervous about returning and theatres across the UK will need support post lockdown.

OffWestEnd has produced two reports to explore the concerns felt by audiences and to present the case for additional government support for independent, alternative and fringe theatres in London.

These reports can be downloaded below. Please send any comments or questions to: 


759 individuals from our audiences database responded to our survey questionnaire and this report presents the findings, showing the concerns audiences have about the post lockdown scenario and emphasising that audiences will not instantly return to fill whatever seats may be available.

Click Here to Download: ‘Come Back To Me’ OWE Survey, June 2020.

VENUES REPORT: £9m to save 100 theatres

OffWestEnd theatre will need support post lockdown and this report analyses the needs and explains how the figure of £9m was calculated as the amount of funds required.

Click Here to Download: ‘£9m to save 100 theatres’ OWE Survey, June 2020.