OffWestEnd talks to Daniel Rock, taking on the role of Richard the Second in his first ever professional production

Tell us about your background?

I was born in Birmingham. I went to primary school and one year of secondary school then was home-schooled until college. During my home-schooling from the age of 15, I attended Identity School of Acting, a part time acting school.


I studied an Acting BTEC for two years at Birmingham Ormiston Academy and College. I played Macbeth in the final year play. After that I got into Drama centre, Rose Bruford and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. I chose to go to LAMDA and did a 3-year BA in Professional Acting.


After my time at drama school I got my first job in an upcoming ITV series called ‘Three Little Birds’ which is still filming. Then I got the role for Richard II in Tangle’s Production of Richard the Second.

What first attracted you to the theatre?

What first attracted me to theatre was seeing plays in the West End and at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.


If you could pick any one person or theatre company to work with on your next project, who/which would it be?

I would love to work with Ivo Van Hove or Kenneth Branagh.


What is your opinion of Off West End theatre, in general?
I think Off West end Theatre has a great capacity to be original and try new things. It has the opportunity not to bend to the business side of theatre, where they are expected to make plays in a way that people are used to because it is a tried and tested way to make money.


What was the most inspiring performance you have ever seen? Why?
The most inspiring performance I have ever seen is Robert De Niro’s performance in Taxi Driver. I also must mention Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. These are examples of how truthful an actor can be if motivated and willing to put the raw effort into performance.


What piece of work are you the most proud of?
•The piece of work I’m most proud of is a role I did at drama school where I played a character called Avery from the play ‘The Flick’ by Annie Baker.


What things in your personal life do you draw from when you perform?
The personal things I draw from in performance are mainly relationships I have with people in my life. Sometimes borrowing traits from people I know for characters.


Who is the best actor/actress performing on Off West End today?
Giles Terrera worked Off West End at times, even though he is at the West End now. I recently saw him in a play and I’m shocked at his versatility and ease on stage

Musical, comedy or drama- what’s your preference to watch?
I have no genre preference although I lean towards comedy recently, as I find it is therapeutic to have a good laugh, especially when you’re busy in life.


Can you tell our readers about what you’re doing now/next?

After I finish my run of Richard the Second I hope to get my foot in the door for some voice acting and also I have an interest in doing as much screen as possible.


Richard the Second is running from 9-27 November at the Omnibus Theatre: 7:30pm (Tue-Sat) and 4pm (Sun).  Click HERE for more information.