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Banner Advertising

A Banner Ad can be displayed so it is visible when visitors arrive at our homepage or it can be displayed on the events and venues listings pages.

Prior to lockdown, the homepage banners were getting over 20,000 unique visitors viewing every week and are one of the most popular ways of promoting shows.

Your Banner Ad image should contain as few words as possible (preferably just key info:  name of show, venue, dates) and please make sure it is sized exactly 1032 pixels x 430 pixels (landscape). The background should be a solid colour (or colours) rather than transparent. A link to your website can also be included.

Payment must be made at the time of booking.  You can choose to pay later by invoice but this is not recommended as there is a standard additional fee of £10 for payment via invoice.

To book a new Banner Ad, click the Banner Ad button on the marketing page or click here.  You will then be offered two options for the location of your Banner Ad:

  • on the homepage – it will be one of three ad spaces in a row immediately under the Search Box
  • on the event / venue listings page (rotating with other ads)

Click on the one you want.  You will then be taken to the Advert Creation Tool where you can create your Banner Ad:

    1. Choose a Title (optional)
    2. Enter the URL that you want the user to be taken to when they click on the ad (optional). Please ensure “Target” is “_blank”.
    3. Drag or upload a photo file (i.e. your ad)
    4. Press Save Banner

To manage an existing Banner Ad, click here

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