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At we know how difficult it can be to get your show noticed in the hectic London theatre world!

Fear not – we are here to help! With over 160,000 unique visitors a month and up to 10,000 dedicated subscribers, we can make marketing your show as affordable and as effective as possible for you!

To talk things through and put together a clever marketing mix, please call Geoffrey Brown on 07793 113 233 or email

Free Venue & Event Listings on

We offer FREE Show Listings on the website to all theatres participating in Each theatre has access to the website to upload information and images about shows at their venue.

Take out a Banner Advert

The Home Page web banner ad is visible when visitors arrive at our homepage.

These banners get over 20,000 unique visitors viewing every week and are one of the most popular ways of promoting shows.

Your banner ad image should contain all relevant info, and please make sure it is sized exactly 500×130 pixels. Please include a solid colour background rather than transparent. We can also include a link to your website from the banner ad.

The cost is £25 for one week. Use the button below to purchase a new advert spot, or click here to manage an existing advert.

Send an Email to our Subscribers

The mailing list is currently just under 10K. We can provide statistics on views and clicks; views are currently around 130-140 per 1000 emails, and clicks averaging 0.69%. We cannot track conversions to ticket sales, though it is possible to set up a special bookings link so you can track how many book via the link given on the eshot.

We can send an eshot as far in advance of your show as you wish – we also offer a package of 2 or 3 so that one can be sent 6 weeks in advance, another 2-3 weeks in advance and then one after the reviews are out, so extracts of these can be included in that eshot.

Publish an Interview

We have a standard nine question interview for actors, directors and writers that you can fill in and return for £55 (standard venue) / £45 (small venue) – less £10 if you pay online when booking.

We also have a roving journalist, Lauren Gauge, who (subject to availability) can do an interview over the ‘phone or face-to-face with you that can follow its own course- the fee here is £85 (standard venue) / £75 (small venue) – less £10 if you pay online when booking.

The interview will then be posted under our NEWS & VIEWS section for all our visitors to see.

We will post the interview on the website before your show opens.

More Information

Terms & Conditions

Please note that for all advance payment discounts, payments must be made by when booking and prior to your advertisement appearing or your eshot being sent.

To talk things through and put together a clever marketing mix, please call Geoffrey Brown on 07793 113 233 or email

Bulk Buying ESHOTs

Please note that if you wish to take advantage of our bulk discounts when buying an e-shot, you can only enter the details of the first e-shot and then you should e-mail with the additional e-shots. 

Instructions & Support

We provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the new OffWestEnd website in the Support Section of the website.