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Promoting a Listing

During the process of Creating or Claiming a listing, or after your listing has been approved, you are able to promote a listing on the OffWestEnd website. Promoting your listing will:

  • Prioritise the listing above others on Explore Pages, so that it gets more views and is more likely to be clicked on
  • Prioritise the listing above others in the search bar, so when a generic term that matches the listing is searched for (such as “Central London”) your listing will be prioritised
  • May be displayed in other high-ranking places on the website, such as the homepage
  • Displayed differently across the website, including being marked as “Verified”


To promote your listing:

Whilst you are creating or claiming a listing, you are able to select the promotion packages. If you have already created or claimed your listing:

Please note: you must be logged in if you wish to edit your listing. 

  1. On the menu bar at the top of the website, hover over or click on your username and select “My Listings”. Alternatively, click here.
  2. Find your listing, and click on the “Promote” button.
  3. You’ll be offered different promotions and lengths of promotion that are available for your listing. Select one, and go through the checkout process.
  4. Once the checkout process has been completed, your post will automatically be promoted.
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