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Claiming a Listing

When creating the new OffWestEnd website, we were able to import most data from the old website. There are a few things that we weren’t able to migrate, so after claiming your listing, please be sure to update your listing. We also recommend adding new high-resolution images to your listing to make it more appealing for visitors.

Listings that were created by the website team when setting up the new website can be claimed – once claimed, they will also be marked as “Verified” across the website featuring the blue tick symbol.

To Claim a Listing:

  1. So, you’ve found your event/venue listing and wish to claim it as yours. To do this, go to the event/venue page and select “Claim Listing”. If you can’t claim a listing and it is marked as Verified, it has probably already been claimed.
  2. `If you’re not already logged in, you must login or create an account with us.
  3. You’ll be asked to select a listing package. So that we can ensure the quality of listings, and make sure that they are kept up-to-date, all listings expire after a certain period of time, but can be re-listed in future without having to re-create the listing from scratch. You can also Feature/Promote your listing at this stage – read more about that here.
  4. If you chose to promote the listing, you’ll be asked to enter payment details. If not, you don’t have to do anything else – your claim will show up on the next page and be marked as “Pending” until it is approved by the team.
  5. Once your listing is approved, we recommend that you edit the listing.
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