OffWestEnd talks to the producers of “West End Misfits”, performing at The Other Palace on Monday 2 December at 8pm

What attracted you to theatre?

Theatre is like a mirror reflection of life and has the power to connect with others in a way that transcends other forms of communication. We love that the stage gives us the opportunity to live more than just one life at a time. You get to be someone else for several hours. Every role is one life lived.

If you could pick any one person or a theatre company to work with in the future, who would it be?

We are open to working with anyone who is inspired and willing to create.

What is your opinion of Off West End theatre in general?

It’s amazing that there is a platform for everyone to create and develop their craft without borders. There are so many fantastic shows and performers that may not reach the ‘heights’ or hype of the West End, often due to financial demands, so it’s important to have a space for all creatives to be able to showcase their art, talent and skill.

What piece of work are you most proud of?

We are proud of all our projects. The very first one was in Charing Cross Theatre where we sold out our first original comedy show and kept going from there. We’ve done Camden and Brighton Fringe Festivals, have performed concerts abroad in Bulgaria and are writing and developing our own TV series. This whole journey so far has been amazing and now we are proud to bring you our most current project, “West End Misfits“.

Musical, comedy, drama – what do you prefer to watch?

We are fans and performers of all three mediums. We love all things theatre and strive to create content that is inspiring, funny and includes somes music because music is the international language. We get inspired by things that we encounter every day and in this modern time there is more drama than one would like to meet but with a comedy twist we are able to see the brighter side of life.

Tell us what you’re doing?

We are doing, as we earlier mentioned, a show called “West End Misfits“. It is a show that celebrates the unusual, breaks the norm of popular stereotypes and embraces the ‘wrong’. We sing songs from well-known and loved musicals but the casting is either the complete oposite or extremely unexpected. Whether it is a girl singing ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘, or a boy trying to Defy Gravity, we let our cast sing their favourite songs that they would otherwise never get to do in normal circumstances.

What inspired you to do this show?

Our inspiration came from wanting to express ourselves in this industry without prejudice and without thinking “oh this is not for me…” We wanted something that gives performers freedom from the usual casting boundaries and gives them an opportunity to step beyond limitations. It originally started as a fun concert idea to help us raise some funds for another project, but it turned out so beautiful and entertaining, we did not expect it to become so warm and insightful as it did. We found out that there are many people that enjoy and relate to certain songs on a very deep level but haven’t had the opportunity to express it because it was not their casting. We are so proud of this because it creates a family and a community of freedom of expression through the most wonderful medium – music.

Why should people come and what makes this show different?

People should come to see fantastic professional performers and rising talent embrace the unusual and enjoy ‘breaking the rules’ of mainstream casting. At West End Misfits your shape, looks, gender, age etc have nothing to do with it. Here we value talent and skill and welcome fun.

Our show is different because we allow a space for the performer to enter territory they would not normally be able to venture into. We show everyone why these songs mean so much to us and that anyone can be anything they want, as long as they are brave enough to wish it and go for it. We have one rule: ‘Anything goes! 

If you’re looking for a fun and heartwarming Christmas show with a difference, join us at West End Misfits for an hour and a half of festive musical theatre fun, powerful performances and uplifting entertainment.


“West End Misfits”, performing at The Other Palace on Monday 2 December at 8 pm.
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